A removable partial denture, as the name implies, is an appliance that is easily removed from the mouth by both the patient and doctor. Removable partial dentures have replacement teeth attached to pink gum colored plastic bases connected by a metal framework. The partial attaches to your teeth with metal clasps which can be tightened or loosened depending on the fit. It may take some time to get used to inserting, removing and wearing the partial initially. As sore spots may develop, we can easily adjust the partial until it feels comfortable. A removable partial denture is a good solution if you have many teeth that need to be replaced or if finances are a concern. It is very important to replace missing teeth with something to avoid difficulties with speech, teeth from shifting and changes in the function of your other teeth.

Advantages or the removable partial denture

  • Replace many missing teeth easily with one appliance
  • Easy to repair if damaged or if more teeth are lost and need to be added


  • Can be lost or broken when not in the mouth
  • Not as esthetic as other options
  • When repair is needed, you may go without it for several days